Learn from the NUMBER ONE fan manga artist himself, exactly how he draws 50+ pages of manga in less than a week. We both know you have a TON of ideas, and it's now time to turn your what if stories, what if battles and more into beautiful artwork the world can see! PENCIL and PAPER is all you need!

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45+ detailed manga tutorial videos, spanning over 6 HOURS of footage. Narrated and explained step-by-step via ARJ himself.

CALLMEARJ's exact technique and signature methodology to draw manga at LIGHTNING speed, revealed for the first time.

BONUS course material on monetizing your manga into a complete business - just like ARJ, who earns over $120,000 per month. 

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"It's taken me years to perfect my patented style and technique, but now I can finally turn all the stories in my head, every bit of imagination I have, into actual art. Manga that I can share with the world, and even build a seven-figure business from - my final gift to my fans, will be to leave behind ALL my secrets and techniques. Giving THEM the ability to turn their dreams into reality... I just can't wait to see the mangas and stories you all come up with, a new era begins with you!"

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